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The Daily Show Interview

The Daily Show was so intrigued by Chef Davide's unique approach to the problem of Yelp that they sent their correspondent, Desi Lydic, to interview him at Botto. The result aired on The Daily Show on October 2nd, 2019 and is hilarious. Needless to say, Yelp does not look so good in this segment and millions of people watched as Desi and Davide went head to head in the funniest confrontation between a real Italian chef and Yelp you'll ever see. When you are being accused of being an extortion racket, would you send a guy from The Bachelor to defend your honor? Yelp did, and the result could not be more entertaining and illuminating. ​Watch it here.
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Billion Dollar Bully

This groundbreaking Documentary about Yelp premiered in San Francisco in 2019 and was featured at the Devour Film Festival in Canada on October 22nd-27th, 2019. Starring Chef Davide Cerretini, it highlights Yelp's problematic business model and the hilariously irreverent approach Chef Davide took to beat them at their own game. An approach which catapulted him into the spotlight and made him into an unlikely hero for small business owners across America. His very public, outspoken actions sparked a new trend, and today thousands of small businesses have been inspired by him to counter Yelp's unfair mafia business model with their own acts of defiance.​ Watch it here.
"Cerretini's strategy wouldn’t have been funny or helpful if he didn’t genuinely make great food that people love"
Having grown up in the wine country of Tuscany where his culinary skills were shaped, Chef Davide Cerretini has had a lifetime of experiencing and loving Italian food. No school, teacher or vacation in Italy can give someone what an entire life of experiencing those flavors can achieve.

​For the past 25 years he has been sharing his knowledge by teaching to a growing audience around the Bay Area. His restaurants have always offered uncompromisingly authentic Tuscan food, combined with a unique business model. Always going against the trend of the restaurant industry in the United States, his Italian attitude has been as authentic as his food. His infamous waging of war with them gave Yelp a bitter taste of what it is to go against an Italian chef who won't back down.

As of today, with thousands of followers on social media, he has forged his career exposing a corrupt billion dollar corporation, and while he often appears on TV shows, radio shows and weekly articles, his passion for Tusan food never fades away. He offers cooking classes, special private dinners, and restaurant coaching with his unique and uncompromising vision and flair. 

Make no mistake, Chef Davide Cerretini is the One Star Chef, a badass Italian who has NOT been Americanized. He sticks with authenticity and the traditional Italian way to do things, serving up both delicious food and a lesson to Yelp at the same time.

It’s not just about cooking, it’s about combining entertainment, humor and sarcasm with some of the best food available in the world today.
"Genius? Check. Evil genius? Check. I love when restaurants stick it to the man"


In 2014, after Yelp manipulated his ratings and harassed him with phone calls to try to sell their advertising, Chef Davide started his 'Hate us on Yelp' campaign. As of today he is still offering 50% off any pizza at Botto Bistro in exchange for a ONE star review on Yelp. In doing so, he has completely broke Yelp's system. He has been screwing with them for years now, attracting new customers, increasing his business with free publicity from major papers and other media outlets around the world writing about him. This is a soap opera that has been going on for over 7 years and isn't done yet. As a good Italian, he ain't going to let this one go. 
"The Owner of Botto Bistro Just Gave the Most Epic ‘F*ck You’ to Yelp"
Benny Luo, NextShark
"Cerretini took his rage at Yelp’s attitude and turned it into incredible service for his own customers" 
Jill Krasny​, INC.COM
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