Upcoming Cook-Alongs

We call our single classes, A la carte option, 'The One Night Stand'. A single class purchase is meant to be an opportunity for whoever wants to try out a cook-along before taking a longer term commitment. They are also perfect as a gift for a friend or family member who likes to cook Italian food. 

With that said, taking one of our single classes will not give more than a good recipe and an hour of entertainment. No commitment, no strings attached and we will probably never come across each other again. That’s why we see them as a One Night Stands. You won’t remember us and we won’t remember you. 

We want you in for the full experience, weekly cook-alongs, engagement with other loyal members, getting to know you and welcome you into the family circle where everyone will know your name. It is impossible to establish a strong community in an hour or so.

We offer the opportunity to be part of a group of connoisseurs, sharing the same interests, love for real Italian food, traveling and history behind Tuscan food. We can’t create that feeling without the members' commitment and a consistent presence.

'One Night Stands '  

Also Available: Pre-Recorded Cook-Alongs

These recordings contain one cook-alongs each, and the 2 dishes that we prepared on those evenings. You will get a sense of the cook-alongs, but you wont' be able to participate, obviously, since they are recordings. To sign up for one of our memberships instead please go here.
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