Experience Italian Cuisine Beyond the Food!

Close the cookbook, grab your apron,
and join our group of connoisseurs to
along with the renowned One Star Chef,
Davide Cerretini.
Two Sundays a Month at 12pm PST.
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Because in Italy we know that the happiest place is in the kitchen!

Grab Your Apron, We're Cooking Sunday Lunch Together Live!

Cook alongside the world-renowned, Chef Davide Cerretini, and his family as they prepare lunch on the first and third Sundays of each month at 12 pm PST. Tune in for new dishes and tips every class! 
Raise your hand or type your question in the chat- we are happy to answer any questions in real time! 
This is a relaxed, informal family experience, not a stuffy chef who knows how to cook but doesn't know your name. 
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Welcome to Our Big Italian Family

Our group is filled with people from all across the world, who can appreciate Italian cuisine and culture. We're loud, fun, and most of all, welcoming. From inside jokes to familiar faces, our students love Italy almost as much as they love the food!

Food For You, Prepared by You!

Recipes straight from Davide's nonna's kitchen to your table! You won't find these in any cookbook. Buy the ingredients prior to Sunday's class, and you'll prepare a delicious meal for two in less than an hour.
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Sunday lunch, the highlight of your week!

Where acquaintances become friends real quick. Change up your weekly routine, and join us for a casual Sunday lunch like they make it in Italy, with good wine, food and company. 
If you prefer authentic, age-old traditions over trendy food fads, these cook-along gatherings will become a treasured and highly anticipated highlight of your week, as they have for so many of our members. 

Connect and have fun

Who wants to cook alone in a kitchen? Not the Italians, and not us!

Expand your culinary repertoire 

You'll gather a range of new dishes and skills every class, with new techniques, tips and tricks you can utilize in your cooking forever.

Eat what real Italian families eat

Snap out of the Italian stereotyped restaurant food and get hands-on with the real thing! 
Member spotlight

Lori Miller, San Diego, CA

These are just a few of the incredible dishes Lori has prepared since she became a member of the One Star Cook-Along Club Her family is loving her food (especially her husband who has an Italian mom), and she is doing an incredible job. We love seeing her photos after class each week on her colorful plates!
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How The Italian Cook-along Club Works:

We send you the ingredient list and wine pairing suggestions a few days before class.
You buy and prep your ingredients before the class on Sunday.

You join Chef Davide live on Zoom on Sunday and cook your lunch along with him in real time.
Because it's live you can stop him and ask questions, or comment in the chat window, as often as you like.

You relax and eat your amazing, real authentic Tuscan meal with your family
Marveling at how expressive your hands have become and how drinking espresso and driving a Vespa suddenly seem like viable life choices.

Classes start at 12:00 pm PST twice a month, always on a Sunday. Please see our upcoming classes for exact dates!

Who is the chef who PURPOSEFULLY got 3,000 one star reviews on Yelp in less than 24 hours?

Davide Cerretini is an Italian chef who was born in Livorno, Italy. He  has been in the restaurant scene in the California Bay Area for the last 27 years. The owner of Cacciucco  (the first Livornese cuisine restaurant in the world) and  the legendary Botto Bistro, he became widely known when he waged a hilarious and successful war on Yelp, which led to him starring in the movie Billion Dollar Bully and appearing on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

His passion and attitude are distinctly Tuscan - he is known for his unique approach and distinctive way of interacting with his audience. What he loves the most is to open people's eyes and guide them to a deeper understanding of what Italian food is all about.

For him, it's not just about cooking. It's a lifestyle and an attitude.

Here's what your subscription in The One Star Italian Cook-Along Club includes:

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1) 2 Zoom Cook-Along sessions per month with Chef Davide Cerretini

These are exclusive, private LIVE webinars designed to guide you through preparing a meal with an antipasto, a main dish, and a wine pairing. 
After a very short time with us you will have a familiarity with Tuscan cooking and the confidence to prepare delicious, authentic meals for your friends and family.
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2) Recordings of every live cook-along session

Every live session will be recorded and available in video format so don't worry if you have to miss a live session here and there...you'll have access to the recipe and recording for the duration of your subscription.
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3) Access to Chef Davide's One Star Italian Cooking Club Facebook Group

This optional Private Facebook Group will connect you with a community of like-minded people to discuss the recipes, share experiences, as well as give and receive support.
Chef Davide will be posting exclusive content in the group only for cook-along participants.
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4) Complete digital ingredient list, wine pairing suggestions and recipes for all the dishes covered in the cook-along session.

You will be able to download these and keep them for referencing again and again. 

Plus these extra bonuses:

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Priority booking for the One Star Cooking Club trip to Tuscany!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get a behind the scenes experience of life in Italy?
This 9 day trip provides a glorious immersion into Tuscan life, with someone who was born and raised in Livorno, and knows the food, landscape and people intimately. 
  • Stay in a gorgeous villa in the heart of Tuscany
  • Explore the local attractions with a knowledgable guide
  • Eat amazing food in restaurants that tourists don't know about
  • Live cooking classes from Chef Davide during your stay
  • Plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the countryside, plus visits into some of the most beautiful areas in Tuscany like the Etruscan coast, Volterra, the Chianti area, Pisa, Siena and Livorno. 
Cooking with Davide is the high point of our week. The dishes are easy to learn to make and use such simple ingredients, but they're FULL of flavor. I love spending time cooking along, but I also really enjoy making these recipes again and again--and my family loves to eat them!
Sara B.
SF Bay Area

Cook-Along Session Example

Each month is a good balance of different recipes in the One Star Cook-Along kitchen. We try to cover meat, seafood and vegetables equally so that there's always sure to be many things you love. We also offer suggestions if you want to make a dish vegetarian or gluten free, or substitute certain items during a session.

Every cook-along session involves two different dishes - a side and a main.
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Side Dish Example

Mousse Di Mortadella e Pistacchi
Mortadella and Pistachio Mousse

This side dish is delicious and quick to prepare, yet is also elegant and delicate. It is a simple mousse made with mortadella and pistachio with a touch of paprika and can be different in consistency and flavor depending on which cheese you choose to us. An example of an impressive dish that can be prepared in advance in a few minutes with a few steps. 
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Main Dish Example

Cestini di Parmigiano con Spaghetti Al Pesto di Rucola e Noci

Parmigiano Basket filled with Spaghetti with Arugula and Walnut Pesto
Our students learned how to make Parmesan baskets and a pesto sauce that is simpler, but much better tasting, than any you can buy. A country-style Tuscan dish, the fresh pesto is made from scratch, using arugula, walnuts, parmigiano and of course the pasta is cooked strictly Al-dente!

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect from these classes?

These classes are designed to give you an up-close and personal experience of cooking with a chef in his kitchen, a behind-the-scenes evening where you join him and his family for dinner prep. They are relaxed, informal and fun. You should expect to be able to follow him easily and produce a delicious meal in real time. Have your ingredients prepped ahead of time for best results!

Do I need any prior cooking experience or special equipment to do these classes?

The less you know, the more you will learn! In any case, it will be a fun, stress free, entertaining, educational experience. (No, you don't need any special culinary skills to participate). We created a menu that can be prepared even in the smallest and most modest kitchen, using basic cooking utensils. 

What happens if I can't make one or more of the Live events?

Not to worry! You will have access to every class in video format, as well as the recipes for the dishes we cover, so you can catch up whenever you like. 

Can I share the link and invite some friends?

With a VIP subscription you will be gifted a one-time pass to invite a guest to attend one of our live cook-alongs. Other than that there is no link sharing allowed. At the beginning of every class we will be checking the attendees against our guest list and we will only permit one device per guest to access the session. We want this course to be a special and exclusive experience for those who have paid to be present. 

How many people will each meal serve?

Each cook-along consists of 2 dishes (a side and a main) for 2 people. 

What happens if I can't find some of the ingredients?

All the dishes we make will consist of easily sourced ingredients, but in case you are not able to get them in time you can always just watch the Live demonstration and then make the dish at a later time when you have everything you need. In addition, you can always ask questions about substitutions on the FB group. 

Do I have access to the class information once my subscription ends?

Your subscription gives you access to all the class material for the live and recorded classes that have occurred since you joined, but once you are no longer a member you will not be able to access the members area and the recorded classes. We advise our members to download the videos and recipes they want to keep before they end their subscriptions. 

What happens if Chef Davide cancels a class?

In the rare case that Chef Davide has to cancel a live class he will immediately reschedule it for some time in the near future.

Do you offer any kind of refund?

We are happy to offer a full refund within 24 hours of subscribing to our monthly live cooking classes unless a live class occurs within that time. For example, if you subscribe on a Sunday morning and there is a live class that day, you will not be able to get a refund on Monday morning. In either case, once 24 hours has passed from the time you subscribed you may cancel your subscription before it renews and we will not bill you for the next cycle. We don't offer a refund part way through a subscription cycle, but you can transfer your membership to someone else for the remainder of your subscription. 
All purchases of recorded classes are final and no refund is offered on them.

  If you would like to try one of our cook-along classes before you become a member you can purchase one here.

Davide’s asparagus was so good, I was eating it out of the pan while cooking the pasta. How can each week be better than the last????
Wendy H.
Richmond, CA
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